Where to start with wedding flowers

So you’re recently engaged / you and your partner have decided to get married, you’ve set a date and booked the venue…now what?

I get a lot of couples enquiring about wedding flowers wondering where to start and apologising for asking so many “silly questions”. I’ll let you into a little secret – there is no such thing as a silly question!

How do we pick a colour palette or theme?

This can feel really overwhelming. Instagram and Pinterest are full of ideas, which can sometimes turn from exciting to confusing, and there’s even more choice nowadays (fresh, dried?) which can make it even more difficult! My best advice is to block out all of the noise and go for something you truly love. Don’t go for something trendy or timeless if it’s just not you.

Have a look around your house – how have you decorated it, what colours/patterns can you see?
Have a look in your wardrobes – what colours do you tend to wear?
Do you love to travel? What about taking inspiration from your favourite place(s)?

If you think about the above everything will be much clearer! I’ve had couples intertwine their favourite colours (navy and pink!), include their love of local craft beers (dried hops!), give a nod to their ancestry/heritage (thistles!), and incorporate meaningful stems (roses from their grandparents garden).

You can still approach a florist for a quote if your ideas aren’t fully formed. Any good florist will be able to guide you – it’s part of our jobs. But whatever you pick just be true to yourselves.

Top tip: if there’s a specific stem you’ve got your hearts set on, then remember to research availability. Check out my handy guide here.

What items are we supposed to have?

I get this question a lot and the answer is simple – whatever suits your budget and whatever YOU want! whether you’re bride and bride, groom and groom or bride and groom, there are so many floral combinations you can go for. If you’re a fan of florals you could also add on decorative items if its within your budget. Take a look at my FAQs page for further info and at my recent weddings for inspiration.

How do we find a florist?

Once you’re there (or almost there!) with your ideas and items, you now need to find your florist. There are many ways to do this:

  1. Go off of a recommendation – if you liked the look of the flowers at the wedding, ask your married friends/relatives who they went with. Alternatively, you’ll have likely already booked your venue and they usually have a list of preferred suppliers, or if you’ve already booked a photographer they’ll usually be happy to recommend their fave florists!
  2. Have a scroll/search through Instagram – search things like #YorkshireFlorist or let the algorithm bring something up to you as you start looking at wedding content. Many of my couples have found me that way.

What happens next?

I would narrow it down to two or three and get in touch for quotes around the same time so you can compare and come to a decision. Depending on how far off your wedding date is, you may need to move quite quickly here and ensure your deposit is paid. Generally speaking your booking isn’t secure without a deposit, and suppliers will always make this really clear.

Following your booking your florist will generally provide you with a list of key dates and deadlines for any outstanding decisions and payments. A lot of behind the scenes work happens such as pre ordering your stems with our suppliers, sorting out finer details such as ribbon choices, touching base with the venue and your other suppliers to get co-ordinated and ensure the logistical plan for the day is set and sorted – the list goes on!

What happens on wedding day?

Your florist will usually deliver your items to where you are getting ready, whether that be the venue’s accommodation, your air b n b, hotel or your home. If you have floral decor your florist will also set this up for you at your venue. As you get nearer to the day you’ll likely be in touch with your florist quite regularly to sort out the finer details. I usually start a WhatsApp group with my couples.