Seasonal availability of flowers

If you’re wanting specific stems for your wedding flowers, please do your research before you book in your wedding date! For some people flowers aren’t a huge part of their day and decor, but for others it’s really important. If you fall into the latter category, there’s nothing worse than having your heart set on peonies only to have your dreams shattered when inform your florist you’re getting married in January.

Some stems are what we call AYR or ‘All Year Round’ and others are seasonal, some with very small and specific windows. Here’s a handy guide about a few popular stems for anyone getting married in the UK…


If you’re a fan of foliage and are considering including a lot of it or even going foliage-only, then you need to consider this when selecting a wedding date. Just like flowers, foliage has times of year when it’s more in season and more varieties are available. Summer is a very popular time for weddings, but it’s not a great time of year for foliage. If you’re reading this and you’ve booked a Summer wedding with lots of foliage, don’t panic! It is still available, your florist just has to work a bit harder to secure it but they’re well versed in doing so! Spring, Autumn and Winter are definitely that bit better for foliage.


Hydrangeas are available May through to October/November time, but if you’re wanting a specific colour/variety then do double check with your florist. Certain colours come into their own at certain points throughout the season.


If you’re wanting peonies included in your big day then you’re going to want to aim for May or June. Some years we’ve seen peonies appear in late April and hang around until early August, but a florist will not be able to absolutely guarantee peonies if you opt for April, July or August.


British sunflowers are generally available June to September/October, but you can still have a sunflowery wedding in other months as other varieties are available throughout the year.