My monochrome dried & preserved flower wedding

I absolutely love taking the time to write a wedding blog post. It’s so nice to reflect on your big days, discuss your flowers in more detail, and of course be able to relive the whole thing when I see my couples’ fantastic from their big days.

This blog post is a little different as this time I’ll be talking about…my wedding! I won’t use this post to go into detail about every single thing as we’d be here a while (we got legally married in Australia and then had a home party, so there’d be lots to cover) but you can find out more under the ‘my wedding‘ section of my blog.

Today we’re going to focus on the flowers and decor, as we all know that’s why you’re here! Our home wedding party was quite small in comparison to most other weddings I’ve done. We had around 40-50 people for an afternoon and evening celebration at a lovely little venue called The Brick Yard just outside of Brighouse (and 0.2 miles from our house!). We went really minimal with flowers and decor, which I know sounds very backwards for a wedding industry insider / florist, but that’s just more our style and the vibe we personally wanted.

When it came to the flowers I always knew I wanted to go monochrome and I knew I wanted to do them myself. I’m a huge fan of dried and preserved flowers so went down this road, which worked perfectly as that made it an even easier decision for me to do my own flowers. I could make them days/weeks before if I wanted to and finesse them nearer the day. I also wanted to add an extra dimension of texture to my bouquet so went beyond the realm of just flowers – I wired in ethically sourced feathers, preserved dandelion clocks and handmade silk butterflies.

I couldn’t really pick one word or a short description of what I was going for, and I wasn’t going from something I’d seen that was similar. I just had this picture in my head of what I wanted the end result to be and aimed for that. Just me represented in a bouquet. When I talk about it I basically just say it was a ‘modern gothic-y, kind of dark ethereal garden-y, Wednesday Addams in bouquet form, but also if Jack and Sally asked you to do their wedding flowers’ vibe. I then took the same materials and made Nick a pocket meadow so he had something fun and floral to wear too. It all came together really well and I feel like my vision came to life.

When it came to decor our main item was a bespoke monochrome banner from The Banner Department which was hung above our table, and we then just dotted around a few photos from our Australian wedding in between some empty Aussie whiskey bottles filled with dried/preserved flowers that matched my bouquet and Nick’s pocket meadow. Super cute and super simple! I always say to my couples there’s no such thing as under-doing it, and I feel like I really followed that rule for myself. You can keep it really minimal and that’s total ok. But it’s also ok to go really big too! Whatever you do, just do you and there’s no way you could ever regret it.

Check out my other posts to find out more about our wedding and our amazing suppliers.

Venue: The Brick Yard

Photographer: Paul Joseph Photography (all pics below are Paul & Kel’s amazing work!)

Flowers: me!

Banner: The Banner Department


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