Our wedding invitations

Nick and I are getting married in January 2024 and I thought it would be nice to have a diary of our journey via my blog. If any of the info shared is helpful to even one person that would also be a huge bonus! Weddings can be difficult to navigate and coming from the industry my behind the scenes knowledge has definitely helped.

We decided to get married in December 2022/January 2023 and set a date in January 2024, so we knew we needed to make a few key decisions quite quickly. The list included a finalised date, theme/style, venue and of course the invitations. The rest we could figure out as we went along!

Wedding stationery feels like the new popular thing and wow are there so many amazing wedding stationers out there. Invitations can be truly personalised now and you can have so much more involvement in the process if you so wish. I’m lucky to know and have worked with so many amazing stationery suppliers, and we decided to go with supplier and friend Nicola of Just Lovely Calligraphy.

We’re so proud that we made so many elements of our invitations, but we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without the help of the amazing local and independent businesses we worked with, including Nicola. We loved the idea of incorporating travel into our invitations as it’s a love we both share, so we took to Canva and designed our own double-sided postcards! I’m very lucky that my background is comms, marketing, PR & events and I have an ok level of experience with Canva and the Adobe suite. This meant we could really get stuck into creating our invitations ourselves. Huge thanks to Graham at Print It in Bailiff Bridge for printing them for us!

We ordered some black envelopes from Etsy and to jazz them up a bit we also ordered some scrapbooking items from the wonderful Bluebell Hill Craft’s Etsy shop. We made our own “stamps” for the envelopes and all of a sudden our travel-themed invites were taken to the next level.

Nicola then worked her magic and added the most beautiful calligraphy to our envelopes and postcard invitations, finishing them off perfectly.

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