Flowers & Film: challenge 1

Two of my favourite things in the world are flowers and film, so why not combine them for a little bit of fun?!

Every now and then on my Instagram page I like to pop up with a little game called ‘Flowers & Film’ whereby I set up a little floral scene with other clues to 1. see if you can guess what film it is and 2. to tease a new hat box design reveal based on said film!

If you’re not on Instagram but would like to play along, scroll down and take a look at the first image. Have a really good look, zoom in if you can and to reveal the answer (and the hat box), scroll down the second image…

Can you guess from the picture what film the box is inspired by? The clues are subtle…is that an onion bagel? Who does the boarding pass belong to? Have you guessed it?

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. The answer is…The Devil Wears Prada! This Miranda Priestly approved chic green and white hat box oozes class and of course there’s not a freesia in sight. Amazing tags once again from Just Lovely Calligraphy

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