A Saturday in Dublin, February 2022

Nick and I started dated just before the pandemic hit in 2020, and one thing we talked about a lot was our love of travel. Two years later and we were finally on our first flight together! We had a Saturday spare and decided to go to Dublin for the day. Nick had never been before but this was my 5th time – we only had 8 hours in the city but I felt confident in getting us around quickly!

From the airport we hopped straight onto the express city bus, headed to Brother Hubbards for brunch, walked around Temple Bar, did the Guinness Storehouse tour, checked out Trinity College and the surrounding area, walked down a stretch of the River, stopped off for drinks, coffees, and a donut (Rolling Donuts, IYKYK) and had tea at a little vegan place.








































We had an amazing day and we’re now planning our next trip to Ireland,  but this time we’re thinking a grand tour around Northern Ireland.



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