Lockdown update 5

I can’t believe we’re on day 70-something if lockdown. It’s felt like the strangest and longest few weeks in the world, but at the same time has gone so quickly. So much has felt frozen in time, yet a lot has happened.

After nearly three months of hiatus I’m finally back! I’ve been working away in the background helping couples rearrange their big days, replying to emails, and planning for 2021 as best I can now that’ll it’ll look a little different. But the actual playing with flower side has been non-existent since the end of March.

On Monday 8th June I reopened for gift orders. I expected to be quiet but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Regular customers came back to support me, and family, friends and new customers came along for the ride too!

Thank you all for your support in my first week back. It’s been amazing.

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