In June 2019 I was lucky enough to get the keys to my own home. Almost a year later and the silver lining of lockdown is that I’m actually getting to spend some time in my house after a very hectic year.

I’ve finally been able to start making it feel like a home by putting up prints and art, and all of a sudden it’s starting to feel like a proper home. Two areas that are really starting to come together are my bedroom and second bedroom/office space.

When I bought the house it was empty and had been decorated with a neutral theme, which was a big selling point for me. I’m a fan of monochrome and everything in the house was white, off-white and grey – exactly the way I’d decorate most of it anyway! I decided to keep my bedroom these colours and get some prints which went with this look.

I scoured Etsy for independent printers and managed to get these three fantastic A4 prints for around £10 each. The frames are all from Wilkinsons, The Range or B&M to this set up cost me just under £50 in total. The print on the far left was produced by a seller called All That Is Gold Designs who does quote prints and personalised prints in a range of fonts. The middle print is a personalised piece from seller Bee Digital Art Prints and when I came across it I just had to have it. The departure board design can include up to 13 locations – all you need to do is add a note to the seller when you order it and the end result is a lovely list and reminder of your amazing trips! The print on the far right is a simple black and white map – unfortunately the seller I purchased this from no longer sells this product, but you can find similar ones from other stores.

Last week I celebrated my 29th birthday and received an amazing gift – a set of three native Australian flower prints from an independent artist based in Sydney. Brenda is on Etsy and I actually managed to touch base with her on Instagram! It’s so nice to buy or receive gifts made by independent retailers as you can find out more about the designer/artist/maker. These prints are now in my second bedroom/office space and I absolutely love them. As they’re so colourful I opted for plain white frames so as not to detract from the amazing yellows, reds and pinks.

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