Lockdown update 2

We’re now six weeks into lockdown and I’m trying to focus on the positives. I’m in the middle of writing a blog post for work about the positives of the experience and thought I’d share a little snippet on my own blog!

One thing that’s been really good for me is food. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been super healthy every single day, but in the first month I did really well. I went from constantly eating out or relying on convenience food due to my hectic schedule, to making all of my meals at home and staying in.

I know this may seem normal to some, but for the best part of a year all I ever had in my fridge was prosecco and butter, the latter going with toast I made every so often. I became reliant on Uber Eats and Food To Go sections in supermarkets. I lived on coffee and diet cokes some days which is just beyond bad.

In the first week of lockdown I did my first socially distanced food shop. I planned my meals, wrote a list and had to stick to this new way of living. And no one was more surprised than me at how much I loved it. I forgot how much I enjoyed cooking and looked forward to putting together my meals each day. I’ve been drinking more water, making new recipe Pinterest boards, and batch cooking. BATCH. COOKING.

This experience has forced me into being healthier and I can’t wait to keep it up with packed lunches and trying to stay in more when we do eventually get back to normal life.


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