Lockdown update 1

On March 5th I returned from a two week holiday in Australia. During my time there the first Australian died of Coronavirus and the supermarket shelves were being empty. On the way back through Dubai airport I felt like the only one not in a mask, and when I returned home things quickly escalated.

It’s a very unusual time in the UK at the moment. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and on lockdown and life feels like it’ll never be normal again. But those of us who can work from home are and we’re doing the right thing to ensure we stay home, stay safe, and protect the NHS.

In years to come we’ll look back at 2020 and know that we did the right thing by staying at home. It’s been hard but our ancestors went through and gave up so much more than we currently have to. If staying at home can help others then we have a duty to do it.

When it comes to work some people have been laid off, furloughed, been given pay cuts, or are having to risk their lives by going into work as normal as they are classed as key workers. Some of the most effected are those who work for themselves – most people are struggling to make ends meet as their income suddenly dried up. There is help out there but it’s already been a tough few weeks and there’s definitely more to come. If you can support a local or independent business then please do. I’m trying to do that for friends birthday cards and gifts etc.

When it comes to work for me, I’ve been living a strange (but good!) life for nearly two years now. I have a part time job doing communications for a mental health charity and run my floristry business part time on top of this. I’m lucky that my part time job is secure and I’m still working – living alone means I have something important to focus on and do which helps provide me some sort of structure at the moment. On top of this if my business was a full time thing I’d be struggling as all of my Spring and early summer weddings have been postponed.

The Raven Rose is currently on hiatus, so I’m spending my evenings and weekends helping my couples rearrange their big days, assisting the couples whose weddings will hopefully still be going ahead, and working on my blog and business plans for the rest of 2020 and 2021. I don’t have any income from my business at the moment, but trying to be productive is helping my outlook massively.

I also celebrated my 29th birthday in lockdown and bought myself a couple of gifts including Disney+ (great investment at the moment!) and a Bulls jersey. I also received some lovely cards in the post and few gifts left on the doorstep. In the lead up I was worried, but it actually ended up feeling really special in a weird way, and is one I’ll never forget.



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