Summer season self care

Phew! The summer wedding season is officially done, and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone.

from June to the start of September I managed to fit in 12 weddings and a couple of corporate event bookings around my full time job. I had three days off in total in three months, and although you’re probably thinking ‘how do you fit in any self care in that time?’, sometimes it’s the little things that help!

I planned my three days off, which were spread out massively over the three months, quite well…

The first day I let myself sleep in until 9am and just had a day of watching Gilmore Girls and eating all the carbs. When you’re used to getting up at 3/4am and working until 11pm/midnight, it feels glorious to have a day like that!

The second day I went to RHS Harlow Carr on a lovely sunny Sunday. I renewed my membership in May and hadn’t been since then, so it was a real treat to get up there. Me and my mum wandered round and treated ourselves to lunch at the Betty’s Cafe in the bottom corner of the park, so we could sit in the sunshine.

The third day was this weekend, following my final summer wedding for the lovely Brandon & Phil (pics coming soon!). I decided to take a half day yesterday after wedding set up, and a half day today for a snooze. I booked myself into my local beauty salon for a luxury manicure, pedicure, cleansing facial, and neck/shoulder msassage. It was amazing. I haven’t had my nails done in over three years and haven’t had a massage in about five years! Definetely money and time well spent.

In between all of that I didn’t put any pressure on myself to constantly eat healthily. It sounds a bit backwards to say that in a post about self care, but I was on the go all the time and eating at weird times, so I just listened to what my body wanted. One week I’d be all about salad and fruit, packing lunches and being really good, and the next everything would be beige.

Although I’m based in Bradford, I take wedding bookings for all over Yorkshire (and a little bit beyond!) so this summer I was driving everywhere from just down the road in Riddlesden, right up to Grassington, Appletreewick, and Leyburn.

To keep me going on the longer journeys, I set up playlists ahead of time so I had some of my favourite songs to sing along to. Ariana Grande albums, a selection of songs from musicals, and movie soundtracks were my favourites this summer. They also helped when I was working from home – my at home studio is in my cellar and although it’s cosier than most, it still feels weird being sat down there for hours on end by myself! It’s also great for the neighbours because then they can’t hear my bad attempts as I try to match up to Ariana. I couldn’t recommend a well crafted playlist more, especially to those of you who also work alone.

My main bit of advice is always have something to look forward to, no matter how far away it seems when you book it. I’m heading to Edinburgh next weekend with my partner ahead of the autumn/winter season starting the week after, which is something that’s really kept me going!

AND I’ve already planned in my post-Valentines/pre-Mothers Day break – a trip to Australia to see friends and family. I can’t wait!

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