Switching to hat boxes

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably notice that I’ve pretty much moved towards exclusively doing hat boxes for gift orders.

I spent the first year of my business offering different styles of bouquets, jar designs, and hat boxes, but found that it was the latter that soon became my most popular product.

When it came to valentines and mother’s day 2019, all of my orders were for the boxes. Between the two dates I must’ve made nearly 100. That’s when I decided that, other than special orders, I was going to only offer hat boxes. A bouquet is most florists’ ‘bread and butter’, so why the move?

1. They’re much easier to transport

2. I can work on more than one at once, making it a more efficient process

3. I’m not limited by stem-length or choices of extra additions (e.g. incorporating feathers!)

4. I find that they last longer and are much lower maintence for the person receiving them. They’re set in floral foam (and I try to use the biodegradable version in each and every one)

5. I can offer a refill scheme as the hat boxes can be reused, unlike normal bouquet packaging. So if people bring them back to me I can fill with seasonal blooms for a small fee, which I’ve found is a popular service and means customers keep coming back

6. I think they just look really lovely!! There’s so many different hat box colours and designs available, and when you pair that with different ribbons and decorations it takes them to the next level

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