I bought a house!

At the start of 2019 I began viewing properties to buy and by March I’d found the perfect little house for me. I put in an offer, it was accepted and by June I was in. I moved in at the start of a busy summer of weddings but wanted to write a quick life update post to include this great news.

I’ve seen loads of articles and blog posts over the years about how to save for a house, but I don’t really have any specific advice outside of the normal stuff. I’m lucky that I live in the north where house prices are better and getting on the property ladder in your twenties is achievable so this was obviously a big factor. I didn’t have any help from parents/family members, inheritance money, and I had to put down at least a 10% deposit and Help to Buy wasn’t an option (long story on the latter two – I’ll blog about it someday!), but if that’s something you had there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it – taking advantage of a helping hand doesn’t negate the achievement.

I’ve been adding to my savings account since I left university in 2012. The account didn’t really have the mortgage label on it but I knew that’s what I was kind of working towards. I’d dip into it every now and then for flat deposits when I moved around or for those unexpected expenses, but other than that it remained untouched and built slowly over time. I’ve never earned a fortune but always enough to pay my bills, save a little and still enjoy myself.

The Raven Rose became instrumental in securing my mortgage. I had to supply two years of tax returns (which I luckily had due to the timing of the application at the end of the financial year!) and I’d earned just enough to put me over the line. So to everyone who’s booked a wedding with me, taken part in a class, or ordered a gift – THANK YOU. As a lot of you know I don’t charge the same as a lot of other florists, so I’m not taking home millions from this business, but even a small amount made a big difference.

I’m really happy in Idle and everyone has been really welcoming. There’s a local coffee shop that I’m doing the table flowers for, and I’ve even started treating myself to gel nails at the local beauty place!


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