Harrogate Spring Flower Show, April 2019

Harrogate Flower Show is BACK and this year is a little bit different because it’s my first time entering into a competition category!

As a BTEC Level 2 student there were a couple of categories we could go in for and I opted for the ‘Festival’ one. The idea was to create a bouquet based on a band or artist, so I decided to go with Pink Floyd and the song ‘Time’.

Pink Floyd was a massive part of my introduction to music. My earliest memories are listening to the songs at my grandparents house, and ‘Time’ is the earliest thing I can remember.

I used fired flowers in wheat and mocha tones to represent the passing of time, and intertwined these with some pale pink carnations and roses to represent the Pink in Pink Floyd. I included accessories like feathers and some lovely vintage watches that I found in Saltaire Vintage Shop.

To wrap the bouquet I printed sheets of lyrics And dyed them with tea, and finished them off by burning the edges. This worked well with the colour scheme and also (hopefully!) represented the passing of time.

I didn’t end up placing but I didn’t expect to on my first year of entry! I had such a lovely time designing and making the piece, and after visiting the show for the last few years it was just really lovely to see my entry in the floral pavilion.

On Sunday I managed to spend a full day looking around the show and it didn’t disappoint. This years main theme was #KerbCouture, which included installations from Flowers from the Farm, Leafy Couture and others…

The plant section had some stunning flowers this year (as always!) with lovely spring colours filling the room…

The competition categories were as fierce as ever and I loved seeing how everyone interpreted the briefs…

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