A trip to Bratislava in Slovakia, October 2018

This weekend I headed off to Bratislava for a city break with the family. 

Slovakia is really proud of its National Parks and woodlands, which I learnt a lot about at the Bratislava Museum. There are a number of trees, plants and flowers native to this part of Europe, and the outskirts of Bratislava are home to some of these. 

On our last day in the city we decided to head out of town and explore the Bratislava Forest Park We wandered through the woods, spotting different birds, stopping off for a drink at one of the little cabin shops along the way. 

If you’re looking for something different to do in Bratislava I’d highly recommend a morning or afternoon in the Bratislava Forest Park. There’s a few clearings in the forest that would make perfect picnic spots. 

The city itself is home to lots of floral loveliness, from street art to the little ceramic flowers stocked in the souvenir shops. 

Bratislava as a whole has a lot to offer. It’s not as big as cities like Krakow or Barcelona, but I think it’s just as beautiful and interesting, and has so much to offer. 

My top picks for places to eat and drink…

Ice cream: Arthur’s 
Drinks and desserts: Mondieu 
Cocktails: Sky bar 
Breakfast: Drak & Finch 
Slovakian cuisine: Verne 
Italian cuisine: San Marten 
Lunch and light bites: Lino’s 
Food on the go: Kebab & Co. 

Average prices per person:

Breakfast €1.20 – €4.00
Lunch €2.90 – €5.00
Evening meal €4.00 – €9.00
Desserts €2.50 – £4.00
Ice cream €1.00 – €1.50 
Coffee €1.20 – €2.20 
Beer €1.20 – €2.70 
Wine €1.30 – €2.90
Soft drink €0.80 – €2.00

For a group of four, having mains, wine and coffees usually costs on average €40 total at traditional Slovakian restaurants in the centre of Bratislava 

Quirky finds to visit in the city: 

The Bratislava Transport museum (free on Sundays!) 
The Cat Cafe (cat rescuers extraordinaire, non-profit organisation and super cute!) 
Drak & Finch (cafe near the castle) 

We also managed to fit in a day trip to Vienna!

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