College: week 1

Today was my first day on the part-time BTEC Level 2 Floristry at Shipley College! It was lovely to get to know the tutors and my course-mates, as well as get a tour of the College buildings and facilities.

I was quite apprehensive on the way there as I didn’t really know who or what to expect. Would I be the youngest, the oldest, would everyone else know all the Latin names for flowers except me?! But the great thing about an adult learners/part-time course is the diversity of the students and the different levels people come in at. We’ve got recent university graduates, parents, teachers, people from round the corner and people from other cities or counties, but a love of flowers is what brings us all together.

I was really lucky to end up in the communal area of our building and overhear three other students chatting and waiting to go into the floristry class. Before we knew it we were sat on the same desk together and heading out to lunch together – everyone was so nice! Elly, Josie and Lauren definitely made my first day super special, and I’m so glad to have found a group of like-minded 20-somethings to go on this floral journey with.

Next week we’re going to be focusing on singularly wrapped flowers, like roses for Valentines Day, and I can’t wait!

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