A new start…

I don’t do many of these types of posts but I thought it’d be quite therapeutic to write everything down and reflect on recent events.

In June I posted about going back to college – which you can read about here – and in July I picked up my student card (hello there sweet, sweet discounts!!). So it’s now official and I’ll be starting my floristry college course in September.

I also passed my driving test in July. Yes it took me until I was 27, but it was never something I was confident with and I think it’s important to do things at the right time for you, not anyone else. My driving instructor was amazing and helped me believe in myself. I’m hoping to get a little van for the business! Although the Vauxhall Viva hasn’t let me down yet!!

If the above wasn’t enough to contend with, I also got a new job. I’ve been working in PR agencies for nearly six years and I’ve really loved it, but I felt like it was time for a fresh start. Come September I’ll be working four days a week at a charity based in my home town. It’ll be a big change but I’m really excited for a new challenge and to work for a company that does such amazing work in the local area. The set up will give me a better work/life balance, time for college, and give me more time to spend with friends and family.

I had quite a busy start to the summer between my nine to five, enrolling in college, getting a new job, passing my driving test, and the busiest month for weddings so far, but I’m really proud of everything I’ve achieved.

August is here and that means some well-deserved time off before the next adventure begins. Keep an eye out for my Lake District trip posts!

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  1. Kate
    May 26, 2019 / 6:48 pm

    Hi Georgia.
    Beautiful website and designs, you are very creative.
    Hope you are happy, will miss you this holiday.

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