Work experience with Beamsley Blooms

On Friday I was lucky enough to work under Susanne P. Loweth, who owns and runs Beamsley Blooms. After reaching out to the florists group I’m part of on Facebook, she very kindly offered me a day of work experience and I of course jumped at the chance.

Susanne is very highly regarded within the Yorkshire floral community (and beyond!), and everyone I speak to has nothing but kind words to say about her. She’s so talented and I was so excited to get to work with her for the day.

The wedding that I helped out with took place at Grewelthorpe church in North Yorkshire, bringing together two families from either side of the Atlantic. The groom grew up in the village just down the road from the church, so it was the perfect setting for their big day.

The main task for the day was to put together a floral arch at the front of the church. I’d never made an arch before and couldn’t wait to get started. Susanne came up with a great design which started with us filling tubes of chicken wire with moss. We wrapped these around a metal frame and once it was ready to go we began adding foliage, using a range of different greenery to achieve a natural look.

Next came the flowers – the couple opted for an amazing palette, including pinks, purples and orange tones mixed in with white peonies. We filled the arch with all of the amazing blooms Susanne had put together including roses, chrysanthemums, spray roses, waxflower and pink peonies, ensuring there was a good balance of colours throughout.

Within a couple of hours the arch was looking fantastic, and it was great to learn different hints and tips from Susanne along the way. If I’m ever commissioned to do a floral I’ll definitely feel more confident in how to go about it. To be able to tick floral arch off my bucket list of floral projects was absolutely amazing!

As well as learning a lot of helpful techniques from Susanne, I’ve also taken away a more eco-friendly outlook on floristry. Susanne avoids floral foam where possible, opting for wrapped moss wherever she can – we made some floral sconces for the church using moss, and it was actually really easy to work with and much more natural way to keep the flowers hydrated. It also gives you more flexibility with arrangements as you can take pieces in an out until you’re happy, whereas with foam you have to be careful with how many holes you poke in it!

Before I joined her she had already put together a brilliant churn, and talked me through how to put one together. I’ve popped a picture of it below – it was stunning!

I had the most amazing day and hope I get to work with Susanne again soon.


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