Business on a budget: books and magazines

As well as getting inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, I try to spend a couple of evenings a week having a read of different baking/crafting/floristry mags and books to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Finding baking and craft magazines isn’t usually an issue as they’re widely available in newsagents, supermarkets, WHSmiths and Hobbycraft stores. Floristry magazines, on the other hand, seem a little harder to come by.

I’ve subscribed to a few different publications over the years, but annual subscriptions can really start to add up. This year I decided to cut back a little and cherry pick the issues of magazines that I wanted, to make sure I was able to get a good mix of publications without overspending.

At the start of the year I allocated myself £10 a month with the hopes of building up a collection steadily between January and December. On average this usually gets me two to three mags or one to two books a month, and I’ve now got a growing shelf of new reads.

I came across a lot of my favourite magazines at events, during conversations with other florists, and sometimes just completely by accident. As they can be tricky to find, I’ve popped links to my favourite floristry/bridal magazines below to make it a little easier for anyone on the lookout! Most of these include the option to buy single print/digital issues online or sign up to annual subscriptions:

  • Your Yorkshire Wedding – you can buy all the regional versions in singles (just £3.45 each, back issues included) and subscribe via the website. Bonus – no p&p!
  • You and Your Wedding – you can buy singles on Mag direct (£5.50 each)
  • Wedding Flowers and Accessories – you can order single print editions via Newsstand (£6.73) or digital editions via PocketMags (£3.99 each)/subscribe via Pocket Mags
  • The Flower Arranger – there are a number of different options to get a copy of his mag. Start on dedicated page on the NAFAS website and go from there, depending on whetehr you prefer digital or print editions
  • RHS magazines – as part of an RHS membership you get a monthly magazine which keeps you up to date on events and is packed full of hints and tips. You can also order back issues of The Orchid and The Plantsman magazines (starting at £4 each).
  • The Florist – you can buy single print versions of The Florist via the main website. Copies cost around £5 and there’s a couple of pounds to pay on top for postage

If you can afford to subscribe to a few different magazines then it’s certainly worth doing for the ones you’re likely to read cover to cover. But if like me me you’ve got limited funds, treating yourself to one every so often can still be really helpful and set those creative juices flowing.

Always remember to recycle your magazines when you’re done with them!

Books can of course be a lot more expensive than magazines, so it’s always worth doing your research before committing to a purchase.

I highly recommend a peruse of your local charity shops. I’ve found lots of floristry books (vintage and new releases!) in charity shops for less than half the price, and they’re usually in pretty good condition. Added bonus – you’re supporting your local charity!

It’s really important to support independent stores where possible. There’s plenty out there that sell books at the same price as, or sometimes even less than, popular chain bookstores or online sellers. Below are the stores I visit quite often in the Yorkshire area:

  • The Book Store – Salts Mill, Saltaire
  • Oxfam Book store – Headingley, Leeds
  • Grove Bookshop – Ilkley

Be sure to check them out if you’re in the area. You never know what you might find.

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