Business on a budget: my floristry toolbox

As I’m just starting out in the world of floristry and don’t yet have a dedicated workspace, you can usually find me working from home, at event venues or out and about with other florists. This means my mobile toolbox is a really important element of my business.

It’s taken me a while to curate my little box so I thought I’d write up a post about it just in case there’s anything that someone else reading this may find helpful. Equally, I’d love to hear if you’ve got any floristry storage solutions hacks – pop a note in the comments!

Hurdle one – finding the correct sized carry case was more difficult than first anticipated. I needed something that could house rolls of wire without them rattling about all over the place, and somewhere to safely keep scissors and knives. After a lot of shopping and surfing the t’internet, I settled on this lovely and simple Hobbycraft caddy, which I’m super pleased with because it was such a bargain and HELLO amazing little tiered element!

Although it was in the basics range and cost just £6, it’s actually a really sturdy little thing. I’ve had it around three or four months so far and taken it here there and everywhere, and it hasn’t let me down yet. The bottom compartment is great for my glue gun and bulkier items such as scissors and rolls of ribbon or twine, and the tiered sections are great for tape, wire and little bits and bobs.

I store the basics in here and just add in any extra elements from my craft drawer when I need them, such as specific ribbons or extra wire. For the box and basic set up (1 x floristry scissors, 1 x thorn stripper, 4 x rolls of wire, 2 x knives, 1 x mini glue gun, 2 x rolls of tape and a roll of twine, I spent the grand total of £29. I bought these items from Hobbycraft, independent craft stores and the wholesalers.

Remember to shop around and take advantage of multipack deals where possible. Take pride in your tools, look after them, and you can’t go far wrong.


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