Vintage stamp art

This year Rich and I are hoping to get on the property ladder, which means A LOT of time will be spent on Pinterest planning what do with our new home.

Travel has been a big part of our relationship. From walking holidays in the Lake District to hanging out on Bondi beach, we’ve already made some amazing memories.

I really want our future home to reflect these memories, but instead of just buying travel-inspired interior items, I’ve started making some too.

The items I’m most proud of so far are the stamp arts I’ve made following our trips to Poland, the Isle of Man and Australia.

Taking inspiration from Liam and Beth’s amazing newly decorated hallway, I’m hoping to recreate their fantastic collage of frames using my stamp art pieces and photos from our travels (when we finally get a house of course!)

These pieces cost me around £15 each to make and were definitely a couple of Sundays well spent.

The stamps are all vintage ones from the various countries (so cute!) which I purchase from the amazing Suzanne at ArtStamped. There’s nothing she can’t find and the service is amazing. You can find her here on Etsy.

The frames are basic ones from Wilkinsons and Ikea (around £5 each), and the stamps are arranged on plain a4 card. Easy peasy!

I also had some time to make a couple of USA-themed pieces for friends and relatives too!

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