Ilkley to Addingham, Spring 2018

We try and take advantage of being so close to Leeds train station as much as possible by heading out for walks on a weekend. Ilkley is one of our favourite spots and is a great place to spend a spring day. You can be there in just half a hour by train and the views on the route are really lovely.

On our most recent visit we had some fish and chips and did the walk from Ilkley to Addingam and back, which takes around an hour or so each way at a brisk pace. We used one of our walking books, but you can find the route online here.

The walk takes you through some picturesque fields and via a farm (the chickens are really cute!) and through a forest of bluebells. We hardly saw anyone on the route and felt like we had the lovely purple fields all to ourselves.

On our way back through Ilkley we treated ourselves to a drink in one of the local pubs before we jumped back on the train to Leeds.

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