DIY – Christmas centrepiece

A simple Christmas table centre piece can make any festive spread come alive. In the week running up to Christmas I ran a class with the girls at work – we ordered in food, got some fizz and had a little floral get-together before we parted ways for the Christmas break.

Everyone in the group did such an amazing job on their centre pieces and I thought I’d share mine with a little how-to on how to recreate it.

What you’ll need:

  • A large pillar candle
  • A medium sized floral foam ring
  • 4 to 5 bunches of different flowers and greenery

Before you get started, be sure to soak your floral foam ring in cold water for a few minutes or run under a tap. You’ll know when it’s ready as it’ll start to feel heavy. Drain off any excess water and you’re ready to go.

take all of your stems and cut them down to around 2cm to 3cm. Get rid of any extra stems and thorns as these flowers won’t sit in the foam properly.

A good way to start is to follow the rule of three. Work in triangles, placing bigger flowers in a trio and going from there. For mine I selected three off white roses and pushed them into the foam to kick things off.

keep going by adding is greenery and other bits and bobs in groups of three, so you’ve got a good amount of separation between the colours and styles.

Keep lifting and turning your foam ring so make sure none of the foam can be seen (and therefore no matter where your guests are sat around the table, they can’t see it either!) and when you’re happy, you’re done.

Your arrangement should last 7 to 10 days so can be made in plenty of time in the run up to Christmas. To keep your centrepiece fresher for longer, carefully top up the foam with water every couple of days.

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