Wildflower walks in the Lakes, Summer 2017

This years Lakes trip was filled with walks and pub stops. We stayed in a cottage in Ambleside which was just a stones throw from the centre of town. Each day we set off on a walk and I was always sure to pack my new British and European wildflower book so I could look up the beautiful little flowers and plants we would see a long the way.

One of my favourite finds was the below, which I’m still struggling to identify. I think it’s a Wood-forget-me-not but the deep purple colour is throwing me off! These flowers are usually more of a periwinkle blue so if anyone can clarify in the comments it would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I’ll get better at differentiating the two the longer I learn about wildflowers!

The lovely tall purple number below is Foxglove (I think!). I didn’t find too much of this during our walks in the Lakes so it was lovely to come across it on our walk from Ambleside to Troutbeck. Speaking of Troutbeck, we stopped off at the Mortal Man pub to enjoy a couple of ciders – the pub has been given a lot of awards for its amazing ciders so I would highly recommend swinging by to try a couple if you’re nearby.

I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to identify a whole host of wildflowers without using my book, but it’s early doors at the moment and there are so many to remember and learn more about, so for now I think I’ll hang on to my handy little directory! It really makes a walk even more interesting to identify plants, flowers an herbs a long the way.

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